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Summer is coming up, and the weather people say it’s going to be a hot one. This doesn’t mean you have to suffer in the heat and melt away into a puddle.

Clark Rubber has a range of Intex inflatable pools for you to enjoy. They come in three sizes- 8ft, 10ft or the super large 12ft.

They’re easy to inflate and set up, and a cooling relief from the scorching hot weather we’re going to have. Get some ice for an extra cold dip, invite some friends around to chill in the pool with the radio playing some tunes, or listen to the cricket.

This is the easy way to have a backyard pool without the cost and hassle of installation. Plus, you get the joy of swimming in cool water with less backyard space taken up.

Soak away the hot summer days and laze into the steamy summer nights with an Intex Easy Set Pool from Clark Rubber. These portable oases cost less than $150 for the large pool. That is a bargain price for cool relief against the summer heat.

Order online, or find a store and come in person to pick up a pool.

These Intex Easy Set Pools are ready to go in just 10 minutes. Just inflate the top ring, fill the pool with water, and away you go with a splash!

The water you fill the pool with doesn't just sit there. We give you Hydro Aeration Technology with your filter pump. This gives improved circulation and cleaning, so you have clear, fresh water to enjoy, all day long.

Choose the best fit for your backyard, and grab an Intex Easy Set Pool today.