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For added safety in a work environment, non-slip matting is essential. These mats are especially useful in areas that are often slippery or wet. Perfect for use in factories, kitchens, behind counters, and on boats, a rubber mat provides a non-slip, anti-fatigue surface that can protect workers and lessen the wear on their feet. 

Many of our mats include drainage holes to prevent water from building up on the surface of the mat. They are also chemical-resistant, which offers protection from things like oil and grease. The raised surfaces and intricate weaving patterns on our mats give an added layer of comfort and protection for workers standing on their feet for long periods of time.

Aside from the workplace, we’ve also got mats for home kitchens, bathrooms, stairs, camping and more. Safety extends past the working environment, and we are here to ensure your safety in every situation. With a history of satisfaction dating back to 1946, we are the rubber experts you can trust.

If you are considering how  to make your home or workplace safer, then browse our selection of non-slip rubber mats online, contact us and leave a query, or visit your local Clark Rubber store and speak to one of our specialists. While you’re at it, browse our range of door mats and anti-fatigue mats.