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If you don’t have room for a spare bed, then a fold up bed is the ideal space saving solution for overnight guests. These portable beds are easy to assemble, and they fold away neatly when they're not in use. You won’t be encumbered by a permanent bed filling up a spare room, and friends and family will still have a comfortable fold out bed to stay on at your house.

Folding beds are perfect for camping

With their lightweight aluminium or steel frames, folding beds are also a great choice for camping, keeping you higher above the ground than a foam mat or air mattress. They can also be used for your main bed at home, as they're usually cheaper than a standard bed and can be just as comfortable and supportive when you have a good mattress.

The added features of folding beds

Most foldaway beds come with a foam mattress attached that folds up neatly along with the bed. You can also choose a metal frame only and add your own mattress or custom cut foam. Look for a fold-up bed with a trampoline style base if you want added comfort or a frame with wheels (a rollaway bed) to make it even easier to move around the house.

Twin and queen-size folding beds

To stay light and compact, folding beds are usually on the small side (a single folding bed), but with twin and queen sizes available, they're large enough for most people. Make sure you check the measurements and choose a bed that's suitable for you and your guests, and don't forget to stock up on pillows, a mattress protector and everything else you need to enjoy a comfortable night's sleep, be it on a foldable single bed, or a larger one.

Check out our wide assortment of folding beds online, or come into a store and feel how comfortable they are in person.