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Residential Pool and Spa Services

Clark Rubber is here to take the hard work out of pool maintenance.

Let us do the work for you!

We offer a great range of services to look after your pool or spa, so you don’t have to.

Our experienced team of pool experts can help you with anything from cleaning to repairs. 

It’s a great way to keep your investment in good working order, so you can spend more time simply enjoying it.

Clark Rubber

Pool Handover Service

Whether you’ve just bought a house with a pool or installed one for the first time, we can teach you how to take good care of your investment. 

Our pool training experts will show you the basics of pool ownership, so you can enjoy a sparkling clear pool all year round.

Regular Pool Service Packages

Whether it’s a big clean-up job or a small fix, we have a range of pool and spa maintenance packages to ensure you get the right level of service.
You can choose different levels of service on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis to keep your pool in tip-top condition.

Clark Rubber
Clark Rubber

Casual Pool Service

Our Clark Rubber technicians can come out to your home for a thorough one-time pool service.
It’s a quick and easy way to get your pool back into shape and keep it clean.

Spa Service

To get the most out of your spa, you need to clean and maintain it regularly. With Clark Rubber’s expert technical support, it’s easy to keep your spa in good working order and always ready to relax in.

Clark Rubber
Clark Rubber

Green Pool Cleaning Service

If your pool has turned green, you can save yourself time and money cleaning it with our green pool cleaning service. 
We have a team of expert pool technicians available to test your water and tailor a plan to make your pool clean and clear again.

Pool Party Service

We offer a full range of services for before and after party cleaning. It’s a great way to plan the perfect pool party for your family and friends without having to worry about the clean up after.

Clark Rubber
Clark Rubber

Pre-Purchase Pool Inspection

If you’re thinking about buying a new home with a pool in it, then we can send out a Clark Rubber pool technician to inspect the pool before you fully commit. It’s a good way to avoid any unexpected repair costs later.

Holiday Pool Service

We can take care of your pool when you’re on holiday with our customised, short-term pool maintenance service. Our pool technicians will clean your pool and keep the water balanced while you’re away, so you can relax knowing your pool is being looked after by a professional.

Clark Rubber
Clark Rubber

Equipment Repair Service

Our experienced Clark Rubber pool technicians have the expertise to repair any pool equipment. They can diagnose and fix all makes and models on-site or in-store with access to most spare parts.

Equipment Replacement

There may be times when your pool and spa equipment break down or stop working properly. Our expert pool technicians can determine whether you need a replacement and then source, supply, and install it for you.

Equipment Upgrades

When it’s time to upgrade your pool equipment, come talk to us. We can help you choose the right equipment to make cleaning and maintaining your pool easier. It can help lower your energy and repair bills, while extending the life of your pool.

Pool Heating Equipment

You can extend swimming season and add value to your pool by installing heating. Our team of highly-qualified pool experts can help you choose the right kind of heater for your pool and install it, so you can enjoy swimming every day of the year.

Clark Rubber
Clark Rubber

Pool lighting Equipment

You can brighten up your pool and set the mood at night by installing some new lighting. At Clark Rubber, we have the expertise and the technology to help you replace your old lights or design a whole new lighting system.

Spa Drainage and Cleaning Service

Keep your spa sparkling clean by getting it professionally cleaned, drained and sanitised by our pool experts. It’s a great way to balance your water and protect your investment.

Clark Rubber
Clark Rubber

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