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Modular Pool Liners

At Clark Rubber, our high-quality pool liners keep water inside your swimming pool and prevent leaks.

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In a Modular Pool, the Pool Liner is the barrier between the pool water and the wall-structure of the pool. Pool liners come in a variety of colours and can be manufactured to suit common Australian modular pools.

If you are purchasing a brand new Clark Rubber modular pool, the pool will come as standard with a blue Sterns liner, however you can upgrade your liner to an ABGAL liner with a variety of colours and patterns such as Bahama, Reef Pebble, Coral Sand and Maui. 

If you are the owner of a Modular Pool, and your existing pool liner is a number of years old, and has faded, you can give your pool a new lease of life by replacing the liner with a brand new one. 

ABGAL can manufacture pool liners to suit most brands of above ground modular pools in Australia, and also have the ability to custom-make all shapes and sizes to suit your pool, even odd shapes such as keyhole, teardrop and kidney designs.

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ABGAL Pool Liners:

Clark Rubber

    Strong and durable, with a great choice of colours and patterns.

    High quality pigments mean colours stay brighter for longer.

    Wider panels mean less seams.

    Ultra-violet inhibitors protect the vinyl.

    Treated to resist algae - no need for scrubbing.

    Special joins leave no loose flaps or folds inside the pool for dirt to get trapped in.

    Seams are flatter and narrower than a traditional wedge-weld.

    Every liner comes with easy-to-follow installation instructions.

    ABGAL liners are Made in Queensland, Australia, by an Australian, family owned company.

    ABGAL Liner Warranty - Pro-rata for 5 years, or extend to 8 years by registering online on the ABGAL website.

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