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Support & Protection for any Vehicle with Ute & Van Matting

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Clark Rubber offers a wide variety of Rubber Ute Matts and Van Matting to suit any vehicle.
Ultimate Ute matting is the class-leading product for tradesmen and is 20% thicker than standard Ute matting to withstand the extra workload, providing the highest protection for the vehicle and the greatest durability.

> Vehicle Support + Protection

Our rubber ute matting products are designed specifically for Utes and Vans to assist with:

  • Protecting vehicles against dents and other damage
  •  Cleaning
  •  Drainage
  •  Reduce condensation
  •  Increase friction on loads
  •  Sound insulation

> Custom or pre-packed

Clark Rubber Ute Mats and Van Matting are made from quality rubber and is available cut to length in a variety of widths and thicknesses.

Pre-packaged solutions are also available Online or In Store.

> Profiles

Van matting includes both fine rib and big rib profiles, whilst the rubber ute matting range includes both standard ute matting and ultimate ute matting.

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