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Easter Camping Essentials with Clark Rubber

By Clark Rubber | 22nd February, 2024
Easter Camping Essentials with Clark Rubber

Planning a camping or caravanning trip for Easter? Check out Clark Rubber's tips to consider this year when organising your family getaway. 


Clark Rubber offers various foam mattresses that can be used for improved comfort when camping. All our foam mattresses are treated with Ultra-Fresh, a premium antimicrobial compound which provides effective control of dust mites, mould, mildew and fungi.


Consider getting foam pillows for a more comfortable sleep during your camping adventure. 


Look for foam inserts or rolls that can be used to enhance the insulation of your sleeping bags, especially if you're camping in cooler weather.


If you plan to sit around a campfire or picnic area, Clark Rubber foam can be used to create DIY seat cushions for added comfort. They can also be custom made to your caravan seating measurements. Read more on our made to order program


Use foam sheets to provide extra protection for fragile items or electronics that you're bringing on your trip, or our packaging foam can be custom cut instore to fit your items measurements for added protection.

Get creative with foam sheets from Clark Rubber to craft DIY decorations for your campsite, adding a festive touch for Easter.

While traditionally used in water, pool noodles from Clark Rubber can serve multiple purposes. They can be used as bumpers for car doors, to secure items in your tent, or even for kid-friendly activities.

Consider bringing foam sheets to use as a makeshift repair material for camping gear, such as patching up a torn tent. 


9. Camping and Caravan Accessories

We have a wide range of items designed to help you make travel easier on your next adventure, including camping accessories such as folding chairs, folding beds, ground matting, and essentials for caravan owners including wheel chocks, shockcords and kerb ramps.

10. Floats for water activities

If your camping trip includes water activities, investigate Clark Rubber's selection of floats and accessories for added fun.


Remember to adapt these suggestions based on your specific camping needs and the products available from Clark Rubber. Before your trip, make sure to check the weather conditions and camping regulations that might be in place at your destination.