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How does the on-board filtration work on a Robotic Cleaner?

Ultimately a robotic pool cleaner is a travelling filter that provides improved water circulation and adds filtration capacity for a cleaner pool and clearer pool water.

Unlike suction pool cleaners, robot cleaners carry their own filter on-board. This is an important feature because it means the debris collected by the robot doesn’t get captured in the pump’s basket and the pool’s filter, which means less backwashing and filter cleaning. In fact, using a Filtrite robotic pool cleaner can reduce media filter backwashing by 33%, therefore saving water and money on top up chemicals.

The on-board filters can be easily removed via a top access lid. The debris can be simply emptied, and the filter hosed off before returning to the cleaner to start again. 

Even our basic robotic pool cleaner models feature fine-level filtration, however models such as the Filtrite RC-4800, RC-6000 and Dolphin X6 feature ultra-fine filtration; ideal for those pools frequently dealing with fine dust, pollens and particles.