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How much can I save with a variable speed pump?

Running your pool pump can have a significant impact on your household’s energy consumption. While older technology pumps use more power and are more expensive to run, a variable speed pump ends up paying for itself with the savings you make on your power bills. 

You can refer to the energy efficiency label on the pump. The more stars, the more energy efficient the pump is. These stars can represent hundreds of dollars of savings for you.

For example, the popular AstralPool Viron Variable Speed Pool Pump has a 9- star energy rating. The annual running cost of a Viron P320 model is around $194 per annum. A modern single speed pump with 1 horsepower from the Clark Rubber range costs around $884 per annum to run. That’s a saving of $690*, but the savings can be much higher. 

So, whilst the initial outlay of an energy efficient pool pump is higher than that of a single speed pump in replacement, the savings from an energy efficient pool pump can pay the difference off in less than 2 years. 

*Based on a comparison to a single speed pump, the Viron pump can save up to $690 annually - running A 50,000l pool running at 7 hours low speed, 1 hour high speed and 28 cents per kilowatt. 

Use this Viron energy saving calculator to calculate the savings you could make with your pump replacement.