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How to Avoid and Treat a Green Pool?

A green pool is not only unsightly, it is an unhealthy environment for bathing. A green pool is caused by algae and is a very common problem that must be treated immediately.

It is good practice to have a proactive maintenance program that keeps the algae at bay and provides an algae-free environment all-year around.

Algae problems can be caused by contaminants brought into the water by rain, wind, cleaning equipment and even on the bathers themselves.

Factors such as high temperatures, unbalanced water and the presence of phosphates and nitrates in the water can cause algae to bloom swiftly and get out of control. 

There are a few common types of algae found in pools such as green algae, blue-green algae, black algae, mustard algae and black spot algae; all of which can be treated with the quality products at Clark Rubber.

If you get an algae bloom that is left untreated, you might be faced with a high cost for the pool chemicals needed to treat the green pool. 

Clark Rubber has an Algaecide for all your “green pool” needs:

  • Filtrite Algygone: A long-life copper-based algaecide to maintain an algae-free pool
  • Filrite Ultimate Algaecide: An all-purpose algaecide designed to eradicate common algae-blooms
  • Filtrite Extreme Algaecide: A powerful formula with addition of copper to remove algae blooms and provide ongoing protection. 
  • Filtrite Black Spot Algaecide: Specifically designed to treat Black Spot and surface algae blooms in pebblecrete, white plaster and tiled pools.

Check out our range of Filtrite algaecide solutions here.