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How to Balance a Pool?

To ensure a healthy pool or spa you must maintain the “balance” of the water.

Pool and Spa water that is out of balance can lead to corrosion of equipment, scaling and stains on pool surfaces and equipment, skin irritations on bathers and reduced sanitiser effectiveness. 

To get your pool or spa water balanced is not difficult or onerous, but it does involve managing the “chemistry” of your pool water in the following areas:

  • Total Alkalinity levels
  • pH levels
  • Calcium Harness
  • Chlorine stabiliser
  • Total Dissolved Solids.

At Clark Rubber, we have a complete range of quality balancing products for pools and spas to get your perfect balance, spot on such as:

  • Dry and liquid acid for pH reduction
  • pH Increaser
  • pH buffer
  • Calcium harness increaser

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