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Pool Stain Removal How To

Finding stains on the surfaces of your pool and spa can be frustrating and annoying, but there is help at hand.

Stains may be caused my metal elements in the water, organic matter degrading in the pool, calcium deposits and even black spot algae. 

Clark Rubber can help you identify the type of stains you have and what is causing them. 

Clark Rubber also has proactive maintenance treatments to prevent staining from occurring, as well as pool stain removal.

Filtrite Guardian 3 in 1 is a multi-purpose treatment that is ideal for keeping stains at bay. Guardian protects your pool and equipment from scale build up and stain deposits by keeping calcium and metals in solution so they don’t attach to the surfaces. Guardian is ideal for people running mineral pools and using bore and dam water to top up their pool. 

Filtrite Stain Eliminator is perfect for treating emerging or tough stains and getting your pool back to looking its best. 

Check out our Guardian 3 in 1 and Stain Eliminator here.