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What are the benefits of saltwater chlorination?

Safe: With a saltwater pool, the need to regularly buy, transport, store and handle pool chlorine is greatly minimised, making it safer for the pool owner and their families. Also, a mismanaged chlorine pool with high chlorine levels will bleach hair, clothes, pool liners and can damage pool equipment.

More time to relax: Once the salt levels are set and optimised, a saltwater chlorinator will run automatically and conveniently at set filtration times and dispense the right amount of sanitiser for your pool. This means it will reduce the amount of time you spend buying and manually dispensing chlorine and gives you more time to relax and enjoy your pool with your family.

A saltwater chlorinator will also maintain a steady, regulated sanitiser level in the pool which means less fluctuations and potential damage to equipment.   

Health and Comfort: A mismanaged chlorine pool can dry out hair and skin and cause irritations, whilst a salt chlorinator pool will maintain safe levels and avoid the formation of unhealthy irritation-causing chloramines. Many swimmers also prefer the feeling of a salt water or mineral pool as it is soft, more luxurious, and odour-free.