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What is the difference between a saltwater & a chlorine pool?

The main difference between a saltwater pool and a standard freshwater chlorine system, is way in which the pool is sanitised.

In a standard chlorine pool, chlorine treatments like chlorine tablets, granules or liquid chlorine are regularly and manually dosed into the pool using a floating dispenser or by dispensing a solution via a bucket, directly into the pool. This method requires more monitoring and more regular water testing, as well as the safe storage of potentially dangerous and smelly chemicals.

Alternatively, in a saltwater pool, a device called a saltwater chlorinator is used to automatically generate chlorine and maintain levels of sanitiser which keep your pool safe and healthy to swim in.

Using a saltwater chlorinator means you will avoid the need to physically dose your pool with chlorine. To automatically sanitise the pool, pool salt is required to aid in a process known as electrolysis.