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How Solar Pool Heating Works

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Why Solar Pool Heating

A solar pool heating system is a simple, effective and affordable way to warm your pool and to extend your swimming season so you can provide much more enjoyment to your friends and family.

In cities like Melbourne and Sydney, you could even triple the number of months you could swim if you installed solar heating.

How Solar Pool Heating Works

Solar pool heating is simple. As we all know, black objects are ideal for absorbing the sun’s heat, so a solar pool heating systems utilises this phenomena.

Pool water is pumped through a series of black tubes, known as a “solar collector” which are mounted to the roof of a home or building. The solar collector absorbs the sun’s free heat and transfers it to the pool water that is being pumped through it, before being returned to the pool at an elevated temperature.

You can automate the heating process by installing a digital solar controller which monitors the temperatures on the roof and in the pool, and automatically activates the system at the right time, to ensure maximum heating efficiency and effectiveness.

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Types of Installations - Independent Solar Circuit

In an Independent system, the solar heating circuit is separate to the pool’s water filtration circuit and generally uses less power than integrated systems.

This is what you would need for a new pool.

Using a dedicated solar pump, the pool water is pumped directly from the pool, straight to the solar collector/absorber and then back to the pool.

This configuration requires solar provisions to have been pre-installed or for the pool builder to plan and install them however it is simple to install and does not interrupt the filtration system.

In this type of installation, the solar can only operate any time, even when the filtration system is not operating.

An Independent system requires a solar pump, a digital solar controller and a Check Valve (non-return valve).

Types of Installations - Integrated on Filtration Circuit

In an Integrated system, the water for the solar heating system is taken from the pool’s filtration circuit.

This system involves diverting the flow of water after the pool’s filter. This system is usually adopted when the solar suction and return lines do not exist, as it is an easy way to retrofit a solar system without affecting any other part of the pool structure.

In this type of installation, the solar can only operate when the filtration system is operating?

An Integrated system requires a solar pump, a digital solar controller and a two Check Valves (non-return valve).

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