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Keeping your outdoor spa clean is essential for its longevity. For your spa to last as long as possible, it needs to be properly maintained and kept in top condition. For this, you’ll need the correct spa cleaner chemicals. 

At Clark Rubber, we have a great selection of spa chemicals and cleaners to keep your spa water clean, sanitised, and thriving.  We stock everything you’ll need to maintain the perfect water balance and sanitation of your spa, so you don’t have to worry about the build-up of harmful bacteria. 

Sanitisers like chlorine are the most common and effective way to sanitise spa water. They kill bacteria and algae by breaking the chemical bonds in their molecules, so your water stays safe for usage.

Bromine is another common sanitiser used in spas. Although chlorine is a more potent sanitiser, it can also be more detrimental to spa equipment. Bromine is a milder but more expensive sanitiser that requires more frequent testing. 

Our tablet dispensers conveniently release spa chemicals into your spa - eliminating the need for manual dosing and ensuring consistent sanitiser levels. Spa filters remove dirt, debris, and bacteria from your spa water. However, in order for them to keep working properly, they need to be cleaned regularly.  

Keep your spa’s plumbing free of debris and mineral buildup with our pipe cleaners. Pipe cleaners help maintain proper water circulation and prevent clogged filters. With water softeners, reduce hard water minerals that can cause limescale buildup and skin irritation. Our water softeners effectively encourage spa water clarity and skin health.

For a complete spa cleaning solution, consider our spa maintenance 3-in-1 kit. This kit includes a curved brush for inner sidewall care, a durable mesh skimmer net that helps fish out leaves and other debris, and a scrubber pad for removing dirt and grime. Our spa maintenance kit ensures you have everything you need to maintain your spa's water quality and longevity.

At Clark Rubber, we are passionate about helping you create an outdoor sanctuary with a spa that is both aesthetically pleasing and safe. Our spa chemicals, cleaners, and accessories are stocked at competitive prices, making it easy to maintain your spa without breaking the bank. 

For those still looking for a spa for their backyard, look no further! We carry an exclusive range of lounge spas for you to browse as well. Our products are readily available in our nationwide network of stores and online website, so you can conveniently shop and find what you need.