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We are Australia’s leading foam specialists, with a wide range to match our expertise. Whether you're looking for foam mattresses for your beds or foam shapes for your upholstery, our materials are of the highest quality and sourced from Australia’s own Dunlop. This means they are Ultra-Fresh, antimicrobial treated to prevent microbe growth and also flame-retardant. We pride ourselves on Australian made materials, but most of all, we strive for our foam to be as comfortable as possible. Available in medium or high density, their ‘bounce back’ properties mean that relaxing on our foam provides supportive softness, whether it's for your back or whole body. Our foam is made to be perfect for rejuvenating any saggy looking couch cushion, pillow or mattress. 

Our custom cut foams are here to be tailored for your specifications. We provide a foam cutting service so you can get your foam in whatever shape or size you need and have it delivered straight to your door. 

 If you're looking for help with soundproofing and acoustics, our range includes soundproofing and acoustic foam. Whether you want to make your room perfect for recording music or line the walls for the ultimate home theatre, our premium acoustic foam is guaranteed to soak up any sound vibrations and is available in flat or pyramid shapes. 

 For your packaging and storage needs, we have polyester wadding to wrap up foam cushions and give them a fuller look, and pre-cut diced foam for packing delicate objects like glass or jewellery in cases.  

 For whatever task you need it for, Clark Rubber has the right foam for you, with free delivery on orders over $79 (exclusions apply).