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A swimming pool is a convenient way to cool off while also adding value to your home. Perhaps you're installing an outdoor pool as part of a new home build or looking to create a peaceful retreat in your current backyard. Whatever your reason for buying a pool, you'll find an affordable option within our range of modular pools. Available in 20 different shapes, sizes, suitable for above ground, inground, or partially inground installation. 

Our modular pools are built to withstand harsh Australian weather using BlueScope steel and a corrosion-resistant zinc coating. Above ground pools are suitable for most grass areas; whether it's a courtyard, garden or paddock, it's as simple as just finding a flat piece of land and deciding on freshwater or saltwater. 

If you reside in the southern part of Australia and only use your pool in the warm summer months, a portable or inflatable pool is a convenient option to set up for a few months and store away the rest of the year. A step up from the shell-shaped pools of the nineties, our portable pools use a tough puncture resistant 3-Ply liner with a rust-resistant steel frame and the ability to hold over four thousand litres of water. 

It's not just the adults who enjoy the perks of having a swimming pool. Keep the kids entertained with our range of inflatable kids pools to create a water theme park in your own backyard. 

Regardless of your space, budget and style, we'll help you find a pool to suit your lifestyle.