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Clark Rubber has been famous for all things rubber since 1946. Today, we still have all your rubber needs covered for domestic, commercial or automotive applications. From rubber grommets, protectors and stoppers, through to strip and sheet rubber plus hoses, seals and extrusions, we’ve got it all.

Expert help for all your rubber needs

Our experts know all there is to know about rubber and will help you find the right solution for your next project. We’ve even got all the right adhesives and tapes to finish off your job off right. Plus, we can cut your rubber to the exact length or size that you need, keeping wastage to a minimum and saving you money in the process.

Everything rubber under one roof

With such a long history as the rubber experts, Clark Rubber is your first destination for all things rubber. We stock a huge range of rubber things, like:

You’re sure to find exactly what you need, whatever the application. Strip and sheet rubber is great for a variety of industrial, commercial, mechanical, automotive or domestic uses, and Clark Rubber’s range covers almost every size and specification.

The many uses of rubber

Our rubber seals and extrusions are perfect for sealing gaps on cars, trucks, boats, houses or factories. We’ve got pinchwelds, bailey channels, sponge strips and seals, weather strips, and that's just for starters. And our range of hosing is extensive, covering food grade hosing, petrol, chemical, water, automotive and of course pool hosing.

Our rubber experts can find the right product to suit your needs and can cut most of our rubber products to the exact size or length that you need. Check out our vast collection online or visit us in store to talk rubber with our qualified team.