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Chlorine and Bromine-free solutions for Pools & Spas

To make any portable pool, family pool or spa safe, you need an effective sanitiser to protect bathers from harmful bacteria. Whilst chlorine-based sanitising systems are very common in pools and spas around the world, some pool and spa owners require an alternative sanitising solution due to reasons such as problematic skin or health conditions.

Filtrite Sanit-eezy Eezy Sanitiser is a special sanitising formulation related to products that have been used commonly and successfully for many years as disinfectants and antiseptics in the medical industry. This chlorine-free sanitiser is available exclusively from Clark Rubber as a solution for keeping your filtered portable pools, larger family pool or spa pools safe and bacteria-free.

Filtrite Sanit-eezy Eezy Sanitiser is at the heart of the chlorine-free solution and is an effective sanitising treatment that kills microorganisms in pool and spa water, helping to maintain a hygienic swimming environment. Suitable for asthmatics and skin allergy sufferers, Sanit-eezy Eezy Sanitiser are for those that want a clean, safe fresh spa, swim spa or hot tub without the odours and skin irritations that can be associated with Chlorine and Bromine sanitising systems.

Unlike chlorine-based sanitisers, Sanit-eezy Eezy Sanitiser is not affected by sunlight and so does not breakdown or require stabilisers. Sanit-eezy Eezy Sanitiser replaces chlorine treatment in pools and bromine treatments in spas and is gentle on skin, hair and clothing. It is especially ideal for use by allergy sufferers and pool/spa owners with sensitive skin and conditions that may be exacerbated by chlorine-based chemicals.

Clark Rubber’s Sanit-eezy Eezy Sanitiser products for filtered portable pools, family pools and spas are available for purchase in individual packs or in convenient starter kits designed for new getting started with a new pools or spa.

Easy to use Liquid.

Exclusive to Clark Rubber, Eezy Sanitiser is an easy to use liquid that is completely soluble in water and so can be added directly to the pool water without the need for pre-mixing in a container.

Operates over a wider pH range:

Regular chlorine sanitisers are pH dependent, which means the pH of the pool water needs to be maintained between 7.4-7.6 for it to work effectively. In a small body of water such as a portable pool or spa this sometimes can be difficult to achieve, as the pH can fluctuate with varying bather loads, windborne debris etc.

Eezy Sanitiser will still maintain effective sanitising over a much wider pH range.

No chloramine formation

Urine and sweat can cause “chloramine” formations in chlorine-treated pool and spas, which can cause a strong, obnoxious odour often mistaken for a chlorine odour, and can also make the water look cloudy. Chloramines also reduce the effectiveness of Chlorine, however, with the Eezy Sanitiser non-chlorine system, chloramines cannot form and therefore will not cause the undesirable odours associated with them.

Not affected by sunlight

UV light can destroy 30% of chlorine every hour which means by the afternoon, bacteria-killing sanitiser chlorine levels can fall low in outdoor pools. Our non-chlorine Eezy Sanitiser is not affected by UV light and so it will just keep working at keeping your family safe. In a Sanit-eezy pool, chlorine stabilisers such as Cyanuric Acid are not required to protect the chlorine from UV light and so you can also save on chemicals.

Sanit-eezy Sanitiser and Starter Kits for Pools & Spas:

If a non-chlorine system is what you need for your family, then Clark Rubber has a range of convenient Sanit-eezy starter kits available in store to get you started with your new spa, portable pool or family pool. As well as the non-chlorine sanitiser, these kits also contain everything you need to keep your pool set up and maintained.

For more information about these products and starter kits, and to view pricing, please click on the links below to visit the product pages.

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