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Saniteezy for Portable Pools - Instructions & Pool Maintenance

By Clark Rubber | 14th March, 2023
Saniteezy for Portable Pools - Instructions & Pool Maintenance

Start-up and Maintenance Instructions.

Every child loves the fun of splashing and playing in their own backyard swimming pool. However, every pool, big or small, still needs a sanitiser to protect bathers from harmful bacteria.

Filtrite Sanit-eezy for Filtered Portable Pools has been specially developed to provide the right solution for smaller filtered portable pools. These smaller pools have certain unique characteristics that make Filtrite Sanit-eezy for Filtered Portable Pools the ideal choice to ensure safe, sparkling water in these pools.

Filtrite Sanit-eezy Eezy Sanitiser is at the heart of the chlorine-free solution and is an effective sanitising treatment that kills microorganisms in the pool water, helping to maintain a hygienic swimming environment.

Filtrite Sanit-eezy for Portable Pools is suitable for asthmatics and skin allergy sufferers. It is for all pool owners that want a clean, fresh pool without the odours and skin irritations that can be associated with Chlorine sanitising systems.

If you are using a Sanit-eezy Starter kit for Filtered Portable Pools, please take a few moments to read this information and instructions to ensure the correct and safe sanitising and maintenance of your pool.

The Sanit-eezy Starter Kit for Filtered Portable Pools:

The Sanit-eezy Chlorine-Free starter kit for Filtered Portable Pools contains what you need to set up your chlorine-free pool. This convenient starter kit includes the following products:

(Please note that kit component branding may differ due to ongoing product updates)

  1. Sanit-eezy Eezy Chlorine-free Sanitiser:

The heart of the chlorine free system – Eezy Sanitiser provides ongoing protection against harmful bacteria in your pool.

  1. Filtrite Chlorine remover:

Used to remove chlorine and bromine from water to ensure the best environment for the Eezy Sanitiser to work effectively.

  1. Filtrite Ultimate Oxyshock, Chlorine-free shock treatment:

A powerful non-chlorine oxidiser that helps burn out impurities and body fats in the pool water.

  1. Filtrite Crystal Clear Clarifier:

A specially formulated clarifier to provide sparkling water in portable pools.

  1. Filtrite Filter Cleaner and Degreaser: 

Use to clean your filter so your filter can work efficiently and effectively.

  1. Biguanide Test Kit:

Used to conduct regular home tests of the Biguanide sanitiser levels in the water.


Steps for treating and converting a new filtered portable pool with Sanit-eezy:

Step 1:

  • EEZY SANITISER is NOT compatible with chlorine or bromine. For first time use, add CHLORINE REMOVER initially to pool water 2 hours prior to adding Eezy Sanitiser.
  • Dilute 25gms per 2,000 litres of Chlorine Remover in a bucket of water.
  • Run the circulation pump and add the Chlorine Remover.
  • Run for 2 hours prior to adding any other chemicals.
  • Chlorine Remover should always be added if pool is topped up or is refilled as Chlorine may be present in the tap water.

Step 2:

  • For first time use, add the non-chlorine shock treatment at the rate 50gm per 10,000 litres.
  • For regular use, the shock treatment must be added weekly at 50gm per 10,000 litres
  • It should also be added if the water is looking cloudy.
  • Take care not to over dose with the shock treatment. The pool water may develop a green tinge if large doses are added, however the water is fine to use and should clear in 7 to 10 days.

Step 3:

  • For first time use, add Eezy Sanitiser at the rate of 60mls per 10,000 litres of water (one cap equates to approximately 20mls). NOTE: Water may turn cloudy but this will clear in 2 to 3 days.
  • For regular use, Eezy Sanitiser must be added weekly at 60mls per 10,000 litres.
  • Water must be tested frequently with a Biguanide test kit, particularly after heavy pool usage.
  • Eezy Sanitiser (Biguanide) should be maintained between15-20 ppm. If levels are low after testing, add more Eezy Sanitiser or rebalance the water as necessary.

IMPORTANT: Take care not to overdose with Eezy Sanitiser as water will become cloudy and may smell.

Step 4:

  • 1 day after the first dose of Eezy Sanitiser, add the water clarifier at the recommended dosage.
  • Continue to add weekly at 60mls per 10,000 litres to maintain water clarity.

Step 5:

  • All water filters require cleaning or changing. Check the filter regularly to determine if it needs cleaning.
  • Filters must be cleaned at least weekly or if water has become cloudy.
  • To clean the filter, remove the filter cartridge and follow the directions on the Filtrite filter cleaner labelling.



Sanit-eezy Starter Kit for Filtered Portable Pools – Hints and Tips:

Cloudy or smelly water:

Cloudy water can be caused by one of these 3 issues:

  1. Possible cause - Overdosing with Sanit-eezy Eezy Sanitiser

To correct this:

Partially drain pool and refill, adding chlorine remover.


  1. Possible cause - Poor water circulation and filtration:

To correct this:

  • Remove filter cartridges and clean with a Filtrite Filter Cleaner available from Clark Rubber
  • If the filter is clean, you may need to increase the running time of your filtration.


  1. Possible cause - Incorrect water balance.

To correct this:

  • Have water professionally analysed at your local Clark Rubber store and obtain some expert advice.


Green Water:

  1. Possible cause - Overdosing with a non-chlorine shock.

It is safe to continue swimming and the water will clear in 7 to 10 days.

  1. Possible cause - Algae

To correct this:

  • Insufficient filtration can also cause algae. Increase filter run time.


Brown Scum Lines:

Possible cause - A reaction when water with chlorine has been added to the Sanit-eezy pool.

To correct this:

  • Add Filtrite pH Buffer from Clark Rubber, and use a cloth to remove any scum build up.
  • Add Filtrite Chlorine Remover to eliminate the chlorine and prevent further reaction