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Selecting a Solar Eezy Kit For Your Pool

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Solar Eezy kits are selected by 3 pieces of information: 

(1)Your pool’s surface area

(2) Your roof length and roof space available 

(3) Type of roof.

Solar system sizing is based on industry standards that state the solar collection surface must be at least 80% of the surface area of the pool. 

If higher than average water temperatures or extended swimming seasons are required, then a larger system may be necessary.

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A solar heating system is sized and selected based on the surface area of your pool.

The methods for calculating the Surface Area of your pool differ between square/rectangle pools, oval pools and round pools. Use our Calculation Guide for the right method for your pool.

The selected roof area should be exposed to the sun for the majority of the day (North, West or East) with minimal shading or obstructions.

This area should be slightly larger than the pool surface area.

Measure a rectangular area, utilising as much roof length as possible.

Your roof height x roof length = Roof space area available for solar collector (m²)

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Determine if your roof is made from tiles or metal such as colourbond or Tin.

This will determine what roof-mounting hardware you will need.

Solar Eezy DIT kits are not recommended for Slate Roofs, Terracotta Tiles, Roof Pitches over 28 degrees and roofs in hot/tropical climates.

However we can assist with your needs. Simply complete the enquiry form below and we will contact you to provide advice.

Now that you know the surface area of your pool, the available roof space and the roof material, you can select a Solar Eezy system from the chart below.

When you know the system code, simply visit our online shop to view pricing and specific information about the kit you’ve selected.

If you cannot find a system for your specific needs, simply call us or complete the Enquiry form below.

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