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Gone are the days of calling around the pool boy to scoop up floating bugs. Pool technology has evolved to include a range of pool cleaners to remove more than what's lurking on the water's surface. Robotic pool cleaners and suction pool cleaners do the hard work for you, even capable of controlling remotely via your smartphone, with set and forget cleaning options. 

Lightweight robotic cleaners are easy to maneuver and pick up for quick, mess-free emptying and washing. The sleek and compact design also means you can leave the cleaner in the pool all year round without impacting your swimming. The clever technology of our cleaners allows them to learn and adapt to your pool's specific shapes and surfaces for quick and pristine cleaning. Either control manually or remotely from anywhere in the world, simply create cleaning programs that suit your lifestyle, whether it's a daily clean or once a week. 

One feature you can't look past when choosing a robot pool cleaner is wall climbing. Cleaning more than the pool floor, the suction capabilities clean all the way up to the water line to remove unattractive water stains. If you prefer a manual clean, however, our handheld suction pool cleaners, like a vacuum for your pool, offer an affordable, thorough scrub, removing those stubborn watermarks. 

Suitable for all pool surfaces, robotic pool cleaners are a wise investment when you want crystal clear water without lifting a finger. If you need helping to choose a cleaner for your pool, get in touch with your nearest Clark Rubber store.