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Don’t let unpredictable weather or those long winter months stop you from enjoying some time in the pool. With our range of pool heaters setting the water at your perfect temperature, you’ll feel like taking a dip all year round. Whether it’s unseasonably cool summer days or the fun of an impromptu winter pool party, it’s great to be able to pull off the pool cover and dive in whenever you feel like it.

Our range of swimming pool heaters makes swimming a pleasure, giving you complete control. Choose from the smart functions of our electric pool heat pumps, including WiFi-controlled temperature settings, LCD screens, and multiple temperature settings for pool and spa combos. Electric pool heaters can even lower the water temperature, meaning you’ll always feel refreshed on those scorching summer afternoons. Isn’t it great to be in control?

With our range of eco-friendly solar pool heaters, you can harness the free energy of the sun to extend your swim season. Using black tubes - called ‘solar collectors’ - mounted to your home’s roof, water absorbs the sun’s heat before being pumped back into your pool. With solar heaters, you can beat even the cooler temperatures of southern Australia while saving money on energy. Combine solar pool heaters with our solar pool covers and blankets to effectively retain the heat and avoid evaporation.

Don’t let the weather spoil your pool party; with our range of electric and solar pool heaters, comfortable swimming all year round is possible with just the touch of a button.