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How This Couple Turned Vintage Caravan into an Interior Designer’s Dream

By Clark Rubber | 17th December, 2020
How This Couple Turned Vintage Caravan into an Interior Designer’s Dream

Melbourne local Rebecca Warner is no stranger to the great outdoors. When she stumbled upon her dream possession – a vintage 1970s Wayfarer Caravan, it was a match made in heaven.

Inspired by her childhood family camping trips that saw her touring the Australian outback for months on end, Rebecca and her partner Andy Riley (of their aptly named design duo, Warner and Riley) set to taking this vintage find from drab to fab – fitting it out with custom banquette seating, a bed head and an outdoor bench seat courtesy of Clark Rubber’s made-to-order furnishings service.


Vintage Caravan


Stylish Interior space

An interior designer herself, Rebecca opted for a neutral design theme – selecting a colour scheme that can be easily changed throughout the seasons with additional custom-made cushions and accessories, while paying homage to her childhood memories of the Outback.

“The fabric colour is inspired by the white sand of Australia’s beautiful beaches, while the stitching – both professional and stylish, is adorned with zips so I can easily wash each custom piece. “

The foam, which was hand-selected by Rebecca in-store at Clark Rubber, provides the ultimate comfort throughout the day, while also acting as a makeshift bed for her summer nights spent with friends and family.

Extremely impressed with the service, Clark Rubber was the only place Rebecca could find that would custom fit the foam for each piece without blowing out her budget.

“The before and after images speak for themselves – I cannot believe the amazing range of quality products that were available to me for a fraction of the traditional price.”

The service, which is offered in partnership with Dunlop Foams and Warwick Fabrics, delivers the best quality product for Australians for a fraction of the price of typical custom services. Previously the domain of ‘professional travellers’ and Instagrammers’ alike, it can be applied to an endless amount of products – think bespoke boating day beds, antique caravan banquette seating, allowing Australians to well and truly discover their own backyard in style.

You can shop the custom range in-store at Clark Rubber nation-wide now. Contact the Clark Rubber team today to chat through your design inspirations, budget and turnaround times today.