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How to Choose the Perfect Finish for Your Custom-Made Cushion: Expert Tips & Ideas

By Clark Rubber | 11th July, 2024
How to Choose the Perfect Finish for Your Custom-Made Cushion: Expert Tips & Ideas

Still wondering what type of finish you'd like for your Clark Rubber Custom Cushions. Let us help you create a gorgeous piece of furniture with new cushion covers. 

Straight edge


Straight-edge stitching is a neat and simple way to finish cushion edges. This finish is particularly good for patterned fabrics which can already be quite visually busy. Or if you want a classic clean look, this finish is perfect. Standard chair seat & back cushion covers are generally made into a ‘box or walled’ style - that is the cushion has top and bottom sections and also a side gusset/panel that goes all the way around the cushion sides. These are very simple to make and with our Dunlop Foams wrapped in polyester fibre wadding inside, you will create a fabulous-looking cushion that will stand the test of time!


Topstitching is a row of stitching that sits on top of the seam. It can be applied to either the top side of the cushion or the side wall of the cushion. This finish adds a contemporary look to your cushions but also gives the seam strength so it is particularly good to apply topstitching to heavy-use cushions such as lounge chair cushions. 


Piping is the rope edging that can be sewn around the edge of each cushion. Cushion piping is made from a length of cord covered in a strip of matching or contrasting fabric, folded over, and sewn into the seam of the cushion. This finish looks great on Ottomans, a lounge cushion, a daybed cushion, or similar outdoor or indoor cushion. Adding piping to the edges of a cushion gives you a product that has a professional-looking finish that can add texture, a hint of contrasting color and design to the shape of the cushion. 

Tailored Edging or French Seams 

Tailored edging or French seams are another finish that can bring sophistication to your cushions. Tailored edges can make a cushion appear slightly larger and will give your cushions nice sharp corners. French seams create a smaller edge than tailoring and have a more organic and less structured look to them. Both finishes give your cushions a sophisticated professional look.

Choosing the right finish for your custom-made Clark Rubber cushions can be daunting. Whether you prefer the neat simplicity of straight-edge stitching, the contemporary appeal of topstitching for durability, or the decorative touch of piping, we have options to suit every style. For a sophisticated look, tailored edging or French seams can add sharpness and polish. Still unsure? Let our experts at Clark Rubber assist you in creating the perfect finish for your cushions. Contact us today to speak with your local expert!