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What to look for in a portable pool

By Clark Rubber | 19th September, 2023
What to look for in a portable pool

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to invest in a portable pool. Whether you're looking for a way to beat the heat or you want to add some fun to your backyard, a portable pool can be a great addition to your home. They give families an affordable and cost-effective way to beat the summer heat and give people a natural gathering place for everyone to enjoy without breaking the bank.

At Clark Rubber, you can buy portable pools in many shapes and sizes, each with different benefits for anywhere from $200 for a kids size pools to $4,000 for larger family models.

There are a few things to look for and keep in mind when looking at portable pools and picking the correct one for your needs and space will help you get the most out of it. 

What should you be looking for when buying a Portable Pool? 

1. High Quality Portable Pool Frames

If you are buying a portable pool with a metal frame, it is a good idea to check if it is galvanised. Galvanisation, according to The Galvanisers Association of Australia provides complete protection against the elements, thus pro-longing the life of the product than one without coating. The galvanised steel offers a precision-engineered locking system, making these pools very durable and stable, lasting summer after summer.

The Intex range of Ultra Frame portable pools, available at Clark Rubber, have high-strength galvanised frames to ensure durability; are corrosion resistant; and provide stability for your portable pool.

2. Quality Pool Filter and pump

Once you have made the exciting decision to enhance your lifestyle with the addition of a pool, you need to decide what type of filtration is best for you.

The filter and pump are the central system of your pool’s circulation and are the most important pieces of equipment for your pool. The main purpose of the filter is to remove debris from your pool water so you can have a clean, sparkling pool to swim in all year round. A swimming pool without a filter will soon turn into a dirty mess. Without a filter pump, the bacteria and dirt will remain in the swimming pool which will quickly turn your pool into a breeding ground for diseases instead of a healthy wellness environment. A filter that does not function properly can lead to cloudy, unhealthy and contaminated water.

When it comes to choosing a filter we recommend one of two types - cartridge or media filter. Both will do the trick.  To determine the best one for your needs, you will need to consider size, cost, maintenance, efficiency and performance. Our store representatives can guide you along with this process.

For example, the Intex Ultra Frame Rectangular 18FT Pool from Clark Rubber is equipped with a Krystal Clear® Sand Filter Pump with Hydro Aeration Technology™ providing improved circulation and filtration; improved water clarity; and increased negative ions at the water surface for a cleaner, healthier pool.

A Sand Filter Pump will cost more upfront, but will save you money and time in the long run. Cartridge filter pumps provide a cheaper alternative upfront cost, however will need to be replaced periodically.

3. A full range of Portable Pool Chemicals

Although portable pools are generally smaller and easier to maintain than a larger, above ground pool or in ground pool, they still require the right pool chemicals for maximum efficiency. From sanitisers and oxidisers to solutions for sustaining water balance, your portable pool needs to be kept in great condition.

At Clark Rubber, we provide a full range of portable pool chemicals to help service and maintain your pool. We can test samples of your pool water regularly, identifying any issues and make sure you have all the pool chemicals you need for a safe, clean swimming environment all summer long. If you’re short on time we can do the work for you with our on-site Pool Care Service to remove the hassle and worry, leaving you time to enjoy your pool with family and friends. 

Portable pools are a fantastic way to make the most of the holidays without breaking the bank, but it is still essential to look out for the best quality models that you can find, to ensure that you are swimming for many summer’s to come.

At Clark Rubber, We Are The Pool Experts - speak to us if you have any questions.