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The Clark Rubber guide to choosing the right-size swimming pool

By Clark Rubber | 17th October, 2019
The Clark Rubber guide to choosing the right-size swimming pool

We all love a good Aussie summer, and what's more Australian than splashing around in a backyard pool, preferably with a sizzling barbecue nearby? A swimming pool is not only a great way for your friends and family to have fun, it also enhances the value of your property.

But investing in a swimming pool - whether an above- or in-ground model - has its raft of complex questions. The one we're going to help answer today is: How do you choose the right sized swimming pool?

Some factors you need to consider are:

1. The Size & Shape of your House

We don't recommend trying to squeeze a large pool into a small backyard. Almost every local council in Australia requires pools and spas to be fenced. Space for these regulations will need to be taken into consideration. any decking, that will obviously take up even more space.

You wouldn't be allowed plants or bushes near the fence, either, as rules like 'Non-climbable zone' regulations requires land to be clear of potentially climbable objects within:

  • 90 centimetres of a pool fence on the outside
  • 30 centimetres on the inside

But, there are plenty of pool size options to suit all property sizes and shapes. In fact, the Sunsoka Resin Pool Package comes in 20 different sizes, with a narrow-width (2.85 metres) model available for tight spaces.

If you have an awkwardly shaped backyard, neither an in-ground or above-ground pool may suit. In this case, a partial in-ground model would be the best option, which can mould to a multi-level garden.

2. Budget & Cost

In a nutshell, the larger the pool, the more it will likely cost. But size is not nearly as important to your budget as material. Resin pools are typically less expensive than fibreglass or concrete, while still maintaining a high quality. For example, the Sea Breeze Salt Water Pool Package comes in at $8,195 RRP, for the Family Pool size, 4.8 x 3.66m. But fibreglass or concrete alternatives could set you back well over $10,000, even up to $100,000, according to Home Improvement Pages.

Additionally, in-ground pools require excavation and thus cost extra - while you'll need a tradie to give you an exact quote for excavating your garden, just remember that the bigger the hole, the more it adds to the budget (but conversely, the bigger the pool, the more value you'll get from it). For those on a budget, an above-ground pool may be more accessible.

3. Swimming Preferences

Finally, do you need extra swim space or are you happy with just keeping cool in a small area?

Any Clark Rubber pool over 7 metres long has the option of a deep end, which increases the water's depth at one end by 600 millimetres. We certainly recommend this style to our customers who want to get more out of their backyard pool, but consider carefully if your garden will fit the length required before purchasing.

If you'd like to learn more about the great range of Clark Rubber has to offer, pop into your local store.