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How To Choose The Right Sized Foam Mattress

By Clark Rubber | 17th October, 2019
How To Choose The Right Sized Foam Mattress

Having the right size foam mattress is critical for a comfortable night’s sleep, which in turn helps boost your productivity, happiness and general wellbeing.

Here are our tips for selecting a mattress that's right for you.

Certain constraints can prevent us from owning an optimal mattress - a small bedroom, having to share a bed with a partner, and cost are some examples.

The first step to solving your foam mattress needs is to understand what size is right for you.

Give yourself enough space

A buying guide by consumer advocacy group Choice recommends that a mattress should be at least 10 to 15 centimetres longer than your height. This will ensure you have enough leg room. While having the largest possible bed is ideal, the size of the bedroom will impact your final purchase. After all, you still need space to move about the room.

Is your bedroom big enough for your bed?

Before you choose a mattress, use a tape measure to determine the dimensions of your bedroom and estimate the measurements of the largest possible bed that will fit comfortably. Once you know these, you are ready to start looking for a new bed. Foam mattresses come in a variety of different sizes, heights and different levels of comfort:

Premium mattresses for more comfort

While having enough space is important, additional comfort can be achieved from mattresses containing premium materials such as Memory Foam or Latex.

Memory foam adapts to a person's shape and weight and is excellent for improving circulation and relieving joint pain. Latex supports your whole body for superior comfort allows for the materials to breathe. These mattresses are also treated with UltraFresh, an anti-microbial compound which provides effective control of dust mites, mould and fungi.

All foam mattresses available at Clark Rubber come in standard bed sizes and can also be made to order to any dimension, courtesy of Clark Rubber's custom cut foam solutions. This is ideal if your room is oddly shaped or if you have any special requirements. Get in touch with your nearest Clark Rubber store to find out how we can help you.