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How To Fix Cloudy Pool Water

By Clark Rubber | 9th December, 2020
How To Fix Cloudy Pool Water

Firstly you need to understand the cause of your cloudy pool water, so we recommend taking a water sample in to your Clark Rubber store for a professional water test.

If you’ve had contaminants and pollutants enter the pool it may cause your pool to look hazy and cloudy. This guide provides advice on fixing a cloudy pool caused by suspended contaminants and pollutants.

Cloudy water can transform your beautiful and luxurious pool into an embarrassing eyesore. It can also lead to bather discomfort and to shorter filter cycles, as more frequent backwashing or cartridge cleaning is required.

In these cases you can use a Clarifier to treat the problem and restore the water clarity.

Filtrite Crystal Clear Clarifier is a fast-acting coagulant that is ideal for a mild-moderate cloudiness and when you have fine, suspended particles in the water that the filter cannot capture.

Once added to your pool, Filtrite Clarifier will bind the microscopic particles into a larger size that can be then caught by your filter.

The treatment relies on time for the particles to bind, and time for the filtration cycles to remove the coagulated particles and so it may take a few days to work. However once it takes effect, the results will be “Crystal Clear.”

You can also get that extra sparkle by using a 125 gram Crystal Clear Clarifying Pill. This treatment is in a convenient one-dose tablet form and is ideal for use a after the pool has cleared up. It can also be used as a regular low-cost treatment before entertaining in your pool, to make it look spectacular for your guests.

Like the Crystal Clear Clarifier, the clarifying Pill assists in the clarification of water through binding organic and inorganic wastes to a larger size that can get removed through filtration. The Pills are rapidly dissolving, can be added directly to the skimmer box. 

To clear a cloudy pool that is caused by suspended particulates:

You’ll need these Filtrite products:

  1. Filtrite Crystal Clear Clarifier (#21831)
    • To bind floating, microscopic particles
  1. Filtrite Crystal Clear Clarifying Pill (#49549)
    • To continue to give your pool that extra sparkle.
  1. Filtrite Filter Cleaner & Degreaser (#50705)
    • To give the filter a thorough clean

Follow these simple steps:

Initial Clarifying:

Step 1: Have your water professionally tested at your local Clark Rubber store before commencing any chemical treatments.

Step 2: For best results, vacuum the pool and clean filter prior to treatment.

Step3: Calculate the volume of water in your pool

Step 4: Use 40-80ml of Filtrite Crystal Clear Clarifier per 10,000 litres of pool water. Mix the correct amount of clarifier with water in a plastic bucket then spread over pool whilst the pool pump and filter is running.

Run filter for at least 8 hours or longer to improve results.

Step 5: Vacuum if necessary to remove any subsequent sediments.

To give your pool that extra sparkle with a Crystal Clear Clarifying Pill:

Step 1: Ensure the pool is balanced and the pH is between 7.4 and 7.6 before application.

Step 2: Backwash / clean the filter

Step 3: Add one Clarifying Pill directly to the skimmer box (1 pill per 50,000 Litres)

Step 4: Run filter for 24 hours

Step 5: Backwash / clean filter again

To Clean the Filter:

After using clarifiers your filter will have captured more larger, clumped particles. If the filter is older, it may require a chemical clean using Filtrite Filter Cleaner and Degreaser to remove the stubborn dirt and oils that can embed in the filter.

If you have a cartridge filter it is very easy to clean with this process:

Step 1: Turn off the pump / filtration system

Step 2: Remove the internal cartridge element from the filter body

Step 3: Fill a suitably-sized bucket or container with enough water to cover the element and add the Filter Cleaner and Degreaser.

Step 4: Submerge the element in the diluted cleaner solution and leave for up to 24 hours.

Step 5: Re-assemble the cartridge filter and resume normal filtration operation and cycles.

 If you have a media (sand) filter it is important to get advice from your Clark Rubber store and to follow the instructions on the labelling to ensure the filter can be accessed, treated properly and reassembled correctly so you can resume proper operation.