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How to make your pool sparkle?

By Clark Rubber | 17th October, 2019
How to make your pool sparkle?

Having a sparkling pool is a cornerstone of a great home. But what do you do when your water loses its shine? How do you get it back?

Clark Rubber has all of the information and pool maintenance tips you need to make sure your pool sparkles all year round. Here is what you need to know to keep your pool sparkling clean.

Why pools might not sparkle

Pool water may often look dull or unclear. This can sometimes cause discomfort or irritation for swimmers.

When this occurs, it is usually due to one of three issues:

  • A malfunctioning filter
  • Incorrect water balance
  • Not enough sanitizer

The professionals at Clark Rubber can help you identify what issues are affecting your pool and how to solve them.

How to restore clarity and sparkle to a pool

Step one: Visit your nearest Clark Rubber store with a sample of pool water. The expert team can run this through a 60-second water test and provide a full report, identifying what the issues are.

Step two: Run your filtration system for eight hours every day over summer. Back-wash it if you have a sand filter and clean cartridges with Filtrite Filter Cleaner and Degreaser.

Step three: Add 500 grams of Pool Ultra Shock plus 500g for every 50,000 litres of water in your pool. No-one should swim for at least 30 minutes after this.

Step four: Ensure your sanitizer level is between two and three parts per million.

Step five: Add Filtrite Phosphate Eliminator to your pool at the required dosage rate. The Clark Rubber team can help you work out what this is.

Step six: Add Filtrite 4 in 1 Clarifier to the mix. This will remove excess suntan lotion, body fats, oils, dissolved metal particles and even algae spores from the pool.

Step seven: Add another round of Filtrite Phosphate Eliminator. Contact Clark Rubber if you need to work out how much is appropriate at this point.

Step eight: To give you pool that extra sparkle, add a Filtrite Crystal Clarifier pill once a month directly into the skimmer basket for ongoing clarity and crystal clear water.

How to maintain a sparkling pool

Once a pool is sparkling, it will require ongoing maintenance to ensure it stays that way.

Once a pool is sparkling, it will require ongoing maintenance to ensure it stays that way. This means using plenty of sanitizers and getting regular pool water tests from your nearest Clark Rubber store, as well as checking and cleaning your filter.

Use Filtrite 4 in 1 Clarifier regularly, as well as the Filtrite Crystal Clear Clarifier Pill. Filtrite Phosphate Eliminator is also an essential part of keeping your pool in great condition.

Owning a pool means taking responsibility for its cleanliness. Ensure you get your water regularly tested and have the right supplies to conduct maintenance, the process can be simple and free of stress.

For more information on making your pool sparkle, get in touch with the expert team at Clark Rubber.