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Spa care made easy

By Clark Rubber | 17th October, 2019
Spa care made easy

How to Take Care of a Spa

Spas are a great enhancement to any home, with an added bonus of therapeutic benefits the whole family can enjoy. However, owning a spa means keeping up with important maintenance.

Loose debris, incorrect water balance, and dissolved metals are just a few of the problems that can impact a spa - each with its own specific solution. Here are our tips on the best spa chemicals to maintain a spa.

Sanit-eezy Spa Kleer

This is a natural polymer, designed specifically for spas and hot tubs to remove chemicals and dissolved metals that can cause issues for your relaxation. For example, oils and sunscreen can both cause spa water to foam when they wash off your body. Sanit-eezy Spa Kleer removes these, along with particles of debris and dead algae spores.
You should give your spa a dose of this every time someone uses it.

Sanit-eezy Spa Pipe Klenz

Sanit-eezy Spa Pipe Klenz is an extra strength formula that can clean the pipe work in hot tubs, spas, and even spa baths. It can get rid of grime, oils, organic debris and build-up, dead skin, waste and even calcium scale.
It is a multi-purpose cleaner that every spa owner should own.
Filtrite Stain and Scale Control

Dissolved metals occur in almost every spa from time to time.

Dissolved metals occur in almost every spa. These can build up and impede your filtration systems, discolouring your spa water and rendering it dirty.

To solve this, Filtrite Stain and Scale Control should be used. It is a superior metal sequestrant, designed specifically to remove these metals. It will also prevent scale build up, prolonging heater element life. It is ideal for both new and old spas.

Sanit-eezy Spa Anti-Foam

If sunscreen or oils have mixed with your spa pool and caused the water to foam, Sanit-eezy Spa Anti-Foam is a highly-concentrated, silicone-based antifoam solution. Add two capfuls to a standard spa, and the foam will disappear.

These Filtrite products are ideal for maintaining a top-quality spa in your home. If you have any questions about your spa maintenance or want to get a new spa for your home, get in touch with the team at Clark Rubber. We can also do the work for you with our Onsite Pool & Spa Care service.