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Install your pool ready for summertime

By Clark Rubber | 17th October, 2019
Install your pool ready for summertime

Installing your pool for summertime

There's nothing more refreshing than diving into a cool pool when the hot weather arrives, but you shouldn't leave it too late to get started.

Depending on what type of pool you want, the planning and installation process could take many months, and waiting until summer's begun could mean you miss the swim season altogether.

Here's what you need to think about when planning the timeline for summertime pools.


If you're installing a larger pool like an in-ground pool or some above-ground pools, your backyard will first need to be assessed to make sure it's suitable and to find the best location.

Not every outdoor area is a good fit for a pool. Rushing the planning process could mean you end up with a pool in a less than ideal spot or have to spend time and money reinstalling sewer lines and making other adjustments.


Larger pools also need to be approved by local councils. Depending on where you live, waiting for a development application to be approved could take as long as 4–6 weeks.

You may also need to install suitable fencing if your garden doesn't have it already, or your pool may not be approved. In New South Wales, pool fences need to be at least 1.2 metres in height or 1.8 metres for a boundary fence.

What type of pool are you installing?

Larger pools that involve changes to the landscape take considerably longer than those above the ground. Not only do you need to wait for approvals, but the pool needs careful planning which can take several months to finalise before excavation of the yard even begins.

In-ground concrete pools can take up to 6 months from start to finish, as these are individually constructed on-site. Fibreglass pools are already manufactured, so these in-ground installations can be completed in a shorter time frame.

Above ground pools may require preparation of the ground to make sure it's flat as well as installation of paving or decking. These pools can be installed closed to summer, but as they can involve hiring several contractors, there are more likely to be delays as the peak pool season arrives.

If you prefer a portable pool or inflatable pool, these are supplied ready-made and may only require minimal preparation time if your backyard's already suitable. 

What's the best time to install a pool?

Summer is the worst time to start planning summertime pools, unless you want a low-maintenance portable option. From October to April, prices will be at their peak and you're more likely to be put on a waiting list.

You can avoid delays and secure the best prices by talking to pool companies in the winter when business is at its slowest and you're more likely to have their complete attention. Getting your pool sorted early means it'll be ready and waiting for you when you need it.

Thinking about a new pool?

If you're dreaming about backyard pools, see our wide range of summertime pools of all sizes to suit every garden.

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