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8 Benefits of a Robotic Pool Cleaner

By Clark Rubber | 16th June, 2023
8 Benefits of a Robotic Pool Cleaner

Advance to a new pool cleaning experience.

Anyone who owns a swimming pool knows it is a great investment. It not only adds value to your home but also enriches your life with exercise, relaxation and fun.

However, like any worthwhile investment, a pool must be maintained which could mean hours of manual cleaning, which some pool owners may not have time for these days.

Whilst there are plenty of automatic pool cleaners that can make pool ownership simpler and easier, robotic pool cleaners are changing the game. Theses popular pool cleaners are intelligent, thorough and self-sufficient.

Being electric, and using advanced cleaning and brushing technology, robotic pool cleaners take all the hassle out of pool cleaning. It’s the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way to scrub and filter your pool. Plus, a great way to free yourself up and simply enjoy your pool while the robot does all the work for you.

If you’ve asked the question, “which pool cleaner should I buy for my pool”, this article may help you make a decision.


The Reasons Why Robotic Pool Cleaners are The Future

  1. Superior cleaning technology

Nothing compares to the cutting-edge cleaning technology of robotic pool cleaners. Where traditional suction cleaner use a hose and pump suction to generate movement, robotic cleaners use electric motors and computer technology to achieve a superior clean.

Providing maximum coverage of your pool, they’re designed to climb walls and steps, navigate across floors, and get into hard-to-reach corners by themselves. At the same time, powerful rotating scrubbing brushes lift and suck up all types of dirt and debris, keeping your walls, floors and waterlines sparkling clean.


  1. Easy to use

Anyone can use a robotic pool cleaner. Part of the attraction with a robotic cleaner is that they’re so easy to use and set up which is great for people that are short of valuable time.

Powered safely by low voltage electricity, they work independently of the pool filtration system, which is good news for pool pumps struggling under the increased load from a suction cleaner.

Robots are hassle-free and require very little set up. You simply plug it in to a power point, drop it in your pool and let it move around the pool independently and systematically to do the dirty work for you. When it’s done, you just pull it back out again and empty the internal filter.


  1. Advanced filtration

Unlike the traditional suction cleaner, robotic pool cleaners filter your water while they’re running, independently of the pool’s main pump and filtration system. Robot pool cleaners have an on-board filtration system that traps leaves and debris. This all gets stored in the filter basket or bag within the robotic unit itself, which helps to stop debris clogging your pool’s own filtration system.

Using an intelligent cleaning system, robotic pool cleaners remove a wide range of debris and contaminants making your water safer and more hygienic.


  1. Smart navigation

Most traditional automatic suction pool cleaners move randomly around pools so there is a chance they may miss spots and get stuck in corners or on obstacles. This means that they may also require manual intervention to free them or move them to a spot they have missed.

However, robotic cleaners have a smart navigation system, they’re self-propelled and programmed to cover the whole pool inch by inch.

For example, the CleverClean™ Technology in Filtrite by Maytronics robot pool cleaners gives these robots precise navigation and high pool surface coverage.

The robot incorporates advanced scanning software and navigation programming to enable the floors and walls and water lines* to be cleaned using the most efficient cleaning route. It learns your pool’s layout, senses obstacles like ladders, and chooses an optimal cleaning path, so you can just set it and forget.

You can also control some robotic cleaners remotely with an App on your Smart phone. This enables you to set a regular cleaning schedule for your cleaner, choose from a range of cleaning modes, and check up on its cleaning status. You can even steer them yourself to clean specific areas of the pool.

*Statement relates to models with walls and water line cleaning feature.


  1. Energy efficient

As we look towards a more sustainable future, today’s robotic pool cleaners are leading the way. Testing and research shows robotic pool cleaners use a lower amount of energy compared to other types of automatic pool cleaners such as suction cleaners.

Robotic pool cleaners are self-sustainable and don’t rely on your pool’s filtration pump to generate power. This leaves your pool pump free to run at optimal low speeds for greater energy efficiency.

Whilst they use less energy themselves, they also help your pool’s filtration system work more economically as they clean.

For example, a Filtrite robotic pool cleaner uses only 0.18kW input power compared to a common pool pump which will use around 0.75 to 1 kW per hour. Compared to a 1kW pump that’s an energy saving of around 83%.  So if you consider, say a 2.5 hour cleaning cycle running most days of year, the power savings really add up.   

The Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia has a nationally recognised Climate Care Certification program that acknowledges and certifies products, systems, pools and spas, as well as services that demonstrate environmentally-friendly operation to save energy and water and reduce noise. Maytronics robots are certified under this program for their low power consumption and ability to reduce water wastage. Read more about the Climate Care program here and view our list of certified products.

  1. Saves time and money

Whilst the upfront cost of a robotic pool cleaner may be higher than a traditional suction cleaner, it basically pays for itself, saving hundreds of dollars per year in operating costs and hours of maintenance.

But think about the cost on your own time? As robot pool cleaners are automatic and autonomous and require no supervision or intervention, you can spend more of your weekends relaxing and doing the things you want to do.

Plus, they’re fast, so while you’re out shopping or having breakfast, the robot will get to work and have your pool ready to use when you come back. It’s also cheaper than hiring someone to clean your pool and more cost effective with less maintenance and less energy consumption.


  1. Reduced Water Wastage:

Filtrite robot pool cleaners have their own filtration system which means they collect the debris within their internal cartridges, and can clean you pool without putting debris load on the pump basket and the main filter.

If you have a cartridge filter on your pool system, the robot cleaner will minimise your need to remove the cartridge filter element for cleaning. The robot’s internal filter is simpler and easier to remove and clean.

If you have a media (sand) filter on your pool, this will reduce the need for you to conduct regular backwash cleaning cycles which sends the water to “waste”.

In fact, based on a robot cleaner operating 2-3 hours every day, you could reduce water wastage by 60-70% which is wonderful for the environment.


  1. Low maintenance

Today’s generation of robotic cleaners are extremely reliable and built to last. After each cleaning cycle you only need to remove the cleaner from the pool to clean out its on-board filter with a quick empty-and hose-down which can be done easily in minutes.

Maintenance costs are low and any repairs on Filtrite by Maytronics robot cleaners are generally covered by a generous warranty for extra peace of mind.

Clark Rubber has a large range of quality robotic pool cleaners to choose from. Visit your nearest store for expert advice on the right robotic cleaner for your pool.

You can also call 13 80 90 for a free home demo so you can find out first-hand why Filtrite robotic pool cleaners are the future of pool cleaning.