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How to remove pool stains

By Clark Rubber | 17th October, 2019
How to remove pool stains

Whether you have a pool or a spa, stains can emerge on the walls or floor, detracting from both the look and feel of your swimming or bathing spot.

The Clark Rubber experts are always on hand to help you with this: what specific problems stains cause, why pool stains occur, and how to fix and prevent them.

The Problems that Pool Stains Cause

Pools and spas are more than places to relax - they are aesthetic centerpieces of a home. Pool stains significantly reduce their appeal. There can also be functional problems. Pool stains can lead to the deterioration of heaters and pumps.

What Causes Pool Stains?

There are several causes of pool stains:

  • Metals, often from chemicals used for pool cleaning.
  • Leaves and debris blown into the pool or spa, or coming off swimmers.
  • Foreign objects like pins and earrings entering the pool.

How To Clean Pool Stains

Step one: Visit your nearest Clark Rubber store with a sample of your pool or spa water, and the experts there will analyse it to check the water balance and identify any issues.

Step two: Allow your chlorine levels to drop to a maximum of 0.5 parts per million.

Step three: Use Filtrite Stain Eliminator, applying to stains in the pool as soon as possible. Leave it to stand for 24 hours after application.

Step four: Add chlorine back to the pool, and restore your water balance to normal levels.

Step five: Wait five days, and then add Filtrite Stain and Scale Control to the pool or spa. This prevents metals from coming out of solutions in the water. You should add 25 millilitres for every 10,000 litres of water. 

How to Prevent Pool Stains

To stop stains from occurring in your pool or spa, start by checking your water balance. This can be done at Clark Rubber, where our professionals can identify any issues with your swimming water, or you can use one of our water testing kits.

Then use Filtrite Stain and Scale Control regularly to prevent stains from occurring. This product will remove dissolved metals from your pool, ensuring it remains clear.

If you have any questions about the products mentioned or want to get your water tested, get in touch with the professionals at Clark Rubber. We can identify anything wrong with your pool and water, and supply you with the information and pool chemicals you need to fix it. We can also do the work for you with our Onsite Pool & Spa Care service.