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How to shock treat your pool or spa

By Clark Rubber | 17th October, 2019
How to shock treat your pool or spa

Shock treatment for your pool is a necessary step to complement your chlorination. Here is what you need to know to get it done quickly, without any hassle.

There is a near-constant flow of dirt, debris, and irritants around your pool and spa, and it is only natural that a lot of these will enter the water. While chlorine and other pool chemicals are used to maintain pool health, often a shock treatment will be needed to provide maximum sanitiser efficiency, and to keep your water sparkling clean.

What does shock treating your pool or spa mean?

Why shock treatment is necessary for your pool.

Many different contaminants can get into your pool water. Dust, leaves, dirt, skin, hair, loose grass, and debris from the rain and wind all contribute to your pool water becoming dirty and discoloured.

Adding shock treatment to the mix can help to keep the water crystal clear.

While chlorine is effective as a sanitiser, it becomes inert after it cleans your pool, and can contribute to cloudy water. When this occurs, shock treatment can bring the water back to being crystal clear. It oxidizes the water, clearing out the inert chlorine.

Why Pool Ultra Shock plus should be used for shock treatment

To conduct regular shock treatment on your pool, the Clark Rubber experts recommend using Pool Ultra Shock plus 500g This is a non-chlorine based oxidizer, that you can use once a week in coordination with your regular sanitiser.

It doesn't raise chlorine levels, and your pool is safe and ready to use only 30 minutes after application. With other shock treatments, you might be waiting as long as eight hours. Pool Ultra Shock plus also destroys chlorine formations and eradicates the strong smells that are caused when excess chlorine escapes the pool, as can happen with some oxidisers.

With some shock treatments, you might be waiting as long as eight hours. 

How to shock treat a pool or spa

The correct process for shock treatment of a pool or spa is done in these four steps:

  1. Make sure your water's pH is between 7.4 and 7.6, using pool chemicals to adjust as necessary. Either take in a sample of your pool water to Clark Rubber, for a free 60-second water test, or you can use a water test kit.
  2. Premix Pool Ultra Shock plus in a bucket of water and then spread it throughout your water. For a pool, use 250 grams for every 50,000 litres of water. If you are shocked treating a spa, make it 25 grams for every 1,000 litres.
  3. Run your filtration system for eight hours, so you get the maximum circulation of water.
  4. After the shock treatment procedures allow 30 minutes before your pool or spa is ready for use.

The speed of the Pool Ultra Shock plus shock treatment means you spend only a fraction of the time conducting maintenance, and much more time enjoying the water.

If you want to get your pool water analysed for contaminants or start looking at shock treatments, drop into your local Clark Rubber store for a free 60-second water test, or we can do the work for you with our Onsite Pool Care.