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How to shock treat your pool

By Clark Rubber | 9th December, 2020
How to shock treat your pool

How to shock treat your swimming pool

The term “shocking you pool” refers simply giving your pool a heavy dose of chlorine or an oxidiser to rapidly sanitise your pool or spa water. The term “super-chlorination” may also be used to describe a heavy dose of chlorine treatment.

When the chlorine in your pool water interacts with contaminants such as dead skin, body sweat, urine and nitrogen it forms a by-product known as “Chloramines”; sometimes also referred to as “Combined” Chlorine.

Combined chlorine is bound and rendered ineffective as a sanitiser and only the “Free” chlorine is available to combat contaminants to keep the pool safe and sanitised.

The times when combined chlorine is at its highest is:

  • After heavy bather use such as pool parties
  • After pets and other animals and insects have entered the pool
  • After days of hot weather and after heavy rain
  • When the pool appears green or cloudy

You may notice a strong odour (often mistaken as chlorine) and irritating, uncomfortable water when chloramines have formed.

So when the combined chlorine levels in your pool are high, it is time to give your pool the SHOCK it needs to swiftly raise the Free chlorine levels in your pool.

You can deal with chloramines in two ways:


Filtrite Pool Ultra Shock Plus (SKU# 24633):

Pool Ultra Shock Plus is a powerful, effective and versatile shock treatment that includes chlorine to rapidly restore the sanitiser levels in your pool.

Its features are:

  • High strength formula
  • No impact on pH levels
  • Built-in stabiliser to increase the longevity of the chlorine
  • Built-in water softener and conditioner to improve the feel of the water
  • Also controls algae formation

Watch the Pool Ultra Shock Plus Video 

Filtrite Ultimate Oxyshock Non-chlorine shock (SKU# 49544):

Ultimate Oxyshock is another versatile product that is a must in your regular pool maintenance regime. This powerful oxidiser will treat the chloramine formation in your pool or spa to eliminate the organic contaminants such as sweat, urine and oil.

An oxidiser will quickly go to work on these contaminants and reduce the demand on the primary sanitiser to free it up for its main job of killing bacteria.

Its features are:

  • Rapid elimination of organic contaminants and chloramine odours
  • Does not increase total chlorine levels
  • Does not increase cyanuric acid levels
  • Ideal for use with Ionisers and Biguanide sanitisers
  • Ideal for regular shock treatments and use before a pool party
  • Swim in 15 minutes after treatment

 Watch the Pool Ultra Shock Plus Video 

How often should you shock your pool?

During your swimming season when the pool is getting frequent use and the weather is hot, you should always be prepared with shock products and it is recommended to treat your pool weekly and get your pool water regularly tested by a Clark Rubber pool professional.

After extreme heat or rain and higher bather use, your pool may require more regular treatment.