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5 Reasons Why You Need a Variable Speed Pool Pump

5 Reasons Why You Need a Variable Speed Pool Pump

Every swimming pool needs a pool pump. As the heart of your pool, it provides the water flow that circulates water through your filtration system, keeping it clean and safe. Whether you’re installing a new pool or need to replace your old pump there are plenty of pool pumps to choose from. However, nothing compares to the energy efficiency, and cost effectiveness of a variable speed pool pump.

1) Better for the environment

Running a traditional pool pump all day can produce as much greenhouse gas as a large car. The traditional single-speed pump motor can only run “full boar” at a fixed, high speed of around 2850 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). Often the pump is running at a higher speed than what is necessary to effectively filter and sanitise a pool, which means the old single-speed pool pumps are very inefficient.

State-of-the-art Variable Speed Pumps on the other hand, are eco-friendly because they can run at much lower speeds. When they run at lower speeds, they consume less power and account for lower greenhouse gas emissions. You can save a lot of energy by running your pump at lower speeds, even if the filtration cycle does take a little longer.

2) Cheaper to run

Running your pool pump can have a significant impact on your household’s energy consumption. Traditional single-speed pumps consume more power and are therefore more expensive to run, and so Variable Speed Pump can pay for itself with the savings you make on your power bills.

Unlike a single-speed pump, you don’t need to run a Variable Speed Pump at full speed all the time to filter your water. Running a pump at a lower speed might take longer, but it circulates water more efficiently and produces lower flow rates, using less power.

When choosing a pool pump, look at the star rating on the label. The more stars the more energy efficient. You might spend a bit more upfront but you will save a lot of money long term.

3) Super quiet

The last thing you want is the sound from your pool pump detracting from your serenity, bothering your neighbours or keeping you up at night.

A Variable Speed Pump runs at low flow rates to greatly reduce motor and hydraulic noise, so you’ll hardly notice it.

Being super-quiet means that you can even install one next to your house or by a boundary fence without disturbing the neighbours. With a quiet Variable Speed Pump you can set your pump to run on low speed overnight on off-peak rates which can save you even more money.

4) Built to last

Even with consistent use, Variable Speed Pumps are more reliable and still have a much longer lifespan than traditional designs. Most use an internal cooling fan, which means they produce less heat and lower vibrations. The lower speeds also reduce wear and tear on your pump to keep it running at maximum efficiency for many years to come.

5) Puts you in control

As you’d expect, a Variable Speed Pump lets you take control of the speed. Using smart technology, you can change from low to high speed or anywhere in between. This gives you the flexibility to match the pump to your specific pool system, and run it at a lower speed and then ramp it up when it’s powering other equipment like a suction pool cleaner or backwashing a filter.

You can also choose how much energy you use and how long you want it to clean your pool water. Some Variable Speed Pump can be programmed to run at optimal speeds for specific tasks like running pool cleaners, waterfalls, solar heating systems and backwashing media filters, or even switch speeds automatically.

The Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia has a nationally recognised Climate Care Certification program that acknowledges and certifies products, systems, pools and spas, as well as services that demonstrate environmentally-friendly operation to save energy and water and reduce noise. Read more about the Climate Care program here and view our list of certified products.

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