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What happens if you don't keep leaves and dirt out of your pool

By Clark Rubber | 17th October, 2019
What happens if you don't keep leaves and dirt out of your pool

Want to keep your pool in tip-top shape all year round? Make sure you don't let leaves and dirt build up inside it - the damage could be costly.

Has your pool ever been covered in leaves, dirt, and algae? It's unattractive and unhealthy. Over time, it can damage your pool. If that happens, it can be expensive to fix, but avoiding it is simple.

What can happen if you don't clean your pool?

Leaves on your pool surface will deteriorate and break into smaller pieces - these can provide the nutrients that algae require to grow. Dry leaves float on the water, but if left long enough, they will sink to the bottom and could take longer to remove..

You need to regularly clean your pool of leaves and dirt, on the pool surface and the floor of the pool. Leaves can get into a pool when it's windy - they blow in from the ground around the pool or straight from the trees in your backyard. Once these start to disintegrate and become food for algae, the slimy green growth could begin to take hold of your pool.

Leaves in a pool are common - but you should clean them out regularly.

Chlorine is an effective weapon against algae growth, but you need to keep your chlorine levels perfect at all times. It only takes a slight drop in chlorine in your pool water to let algae develop.

Once algae have started to grow, it can damage your pool. If there is a slight crack, it can expand inside the cavity, weakening the foundations of your pool and potentially causing expensive damage. You don't want to spend lots of money on pool repairs when all it takes to keep algae away is regular maintenance.

Failure to clean your pool regularly could result in algae growth.

You could have a pool cover, but even this isn't a foolproof way of keeping out leaves and dirt that fuel algae growth. Keeping leaves out of your pool means cleaning at least twice a week, removing leaves from your pool or your pool cover.

What parts of your pool should you keep clean?

Effective pool cleaning means keeping every part of your pool free of leaves and dirt - not just the water. A pool cover can help keep out the sunlight that helps algae grow, but if you allow leaves and dirt to build up on top of it and deteriorate, the nutrient-rich sludge will slide into your water and help algae to thrive.

The pool filter can easily become clogged with leaves, and if dirt and debris enter your skimmer box, that dirt could dissolve and break down your equipment.

Keeping leaves and dirt out of your pool is vital to the health of the water and the overall longevity of the pool itself. If you would like your pool water tested, visit your local Clark Rubber store for a 60-second water test, where you will get a detailed report and advice on the products you need. Or we can do the work for you with our Onsite Pool Care service.